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Introductions and Giving Personal Information - ESL EFL Teaching Resources

First Class Interview and Introductions

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 1 Hour

In this comprehensive teaching activity, students read five interview questions and then create five more interview questions of their own. When they have finished, they work with a partner and interview each other. Based on their partner's answers, they complete a text and then introduce their partner to the class.

First Class Interview and Introductions.PDF


Interview Question Words

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 25 Minutes

Students learn how to ask and answer interview questions using wh- question words in this useful teaching activity. Students start by filling in question words so they can complete a set of interview questions to ask a partner. Once they have finished writing the questions, they interview each other and write down their partner's answers on the worksheet.

Interview Question Words.PDF Exclusive


Introducing your Friend

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 25 Minutes

This handy activity enables you to teach your students ways to greet and introduce someone. Students read through an example dialogue based on introducing people. Students then answer some comprehension questions about the language used. Then in groups of three, students create a similar dialogue of their own, which they present to the class.

Introducing your Friend.PDF


Introducing your Friend to the Class

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 1 Hour

For this teaching exercise, students work in pairs. To begin, the students are given an introduction gap-fill text. Students write down the 12 questions they must ask their partner to complete the text. Then, they ask their questions to their partner and complete text. Afterwards, they use the text to introduce their friend to the class.

Introducing your Friend to the Class.PDF


Introductions and Polite Conversation

ESL EFL Lesson - Elementary - 1 Hour +

This extensive lesson will teach students how to introduce themselves formally and informally, ask and answer questions about where they come from, brothers and sisters and favourites. In addition, there are two speaking activities. In the first activity, students work in pairs and talk about what they have learnt during the lesson. In the second activity, small groups of students ask and answer questions in the third person based on the target language from the lesson.

Introductions and Polite Conversation.PDF

Meeting People

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Elementary - 20 Minutes

In this fun speaking activity, students practice meeting people and introducing. To begin, the teacher elicits some expressions for introducing yourself and others from the class. The teacher then models some examples with a few of the students. After that, the class is divided into groups of eight. Each student is given an identity card and a task card. The students assume the identity of the person on their card. Their task is to find the two people on their task card and introduce them to each other. All the names and jobs are very similar, so the students have to check they have the right two people. The students mingle, asking each other’s name and job until they find the two people who are to be introduced. Then, they introduce the two people to each other using the expressions the teacher covered at the start of the activity.

Meeting People.PDF



ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Elementary - 30 Minutes

In this communicative teaching activity, students find out the names of other members of the class and introduce themselves. Students are given a worksheet with 12 blank picture frames on. Students sit in a circle and draw a portrait of themselves in one of the picture frames on their worksheet. The students then give their worksheet to the person who is sitting on their left. Students draw themselves again anywhere on the worksheet they have just received. They then pass the worksheet to the person on their left again. This is repeated until the students receive the worksheet they started with. The students have to try to identify their classmates from their portraits, find out their names and introduce themselves using a given dialogue.

Portraits.PDF Exclusive


The People You Meet

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 30 Minutes

Students work in groups of eight for this teaching activity. Each student is given an identity card and a worksheet. The students go around the group, asking and answering personal information questions in order to complete their student worksheets with information about the other students' identities.

The People You Meet.PDF


My Partner

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-Intermediate - 35 Minutes

This appealing speaking task gives students practice at asking personal information questions. The activity helps students to practice Wh- questions to find out information about their partner. It also teaches them to use reported speech when giving feedback to the class. This activity works well with older students.

My Partner.PDF


Personal Information Worksheet

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-Intermediate - 30 Minutes

If you are teaching a new class of students, this intriguing teaching activity is really useful. It helps students get to know each other. In pairs, students interview each other and write their partner's information on a worksheet. Students also have to ask one more question of their own. When everyone has finished their interviews, two pairs of students are put together and students introduce their partners to the other pair.

Personal Information Worksheet.PDF 


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