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Asking Questions - ESL EFL Activities, Games and Worksheets


ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Elementary - 15 Minutes

This amusing speaking activity is useful for teaching question and answer structures. The aim of the game is to delay the answer to a question until the next question is asked. Students work in pairs. Both students are given a different set of questions. One student asks their questions to their partner and he or she gives delayed-by-one replies. This means the student asks the first question and the other student doesn't reply. When the student asks the second question, the other student answers the first question, and so on. When all the questions have been asked, the students swap roles. The first pair to finish both sets of questions is the winner.

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The Right Answer

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Elementary - 30 Minutes

This fun ESL speaking activity helps students to master yes/no questions with the 'verb to be' and 'do' as well as short answers with auxiliaries. Students also practice asking and answering yes/no questions in the present simple, present continuous and future with going to. To start, the class is split into groups of four and given a set of answer cards. The cards are dealt out evenly. The first player picks one of his or her cards and thinks of a question that will yield the answer on the card. He or she then directs the question to another player. If the other player gives the same short answer that is on the card, the player wins and can get rid of the card. Players take turns proceeding in this way. The first player to get rid of all of his or her cards wins the game.

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Information Line Up

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Elementary - 25 Minutes

In this enjoyable teaching activity, students have to line up in teams as quickly as possible according to a series of instructions. The students ask each other questions to establish the correct line up. The class is divided into large even teams. The students line up in their teams according to the criteria you choose. To complete each task, the students need to ask each other questions. The first team to complete each task wins points. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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Guess the Word

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

Here is an entertaining speaking activity that helps students practice asking questions using a variety of question words. In the activity, students have five minutes to ask questions to their partner to elicit as many words on their worksheet as they can. The class is divided into pairs (A and B) and each student is given a worksheet. The students go through the words on their sheet and think of possible questions. When everyone is ready, a five-minute time limit is set. Student A then asks questions to their partner to elicit as many words from their worksheet as possible. After five minutes, the students count up how many words their partner guessed correctly. Then, it’s Student B’s turn to ask the questions. When everyone has finished, pairs add up both scores to see which pair of students had the highest total. That pair wins the game.

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Opening Statements

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 25 Minutes

In this intriguing activity, students practice asking questions to find out details about an opening statement. The class is put into groups of six. Each group comprises of two teams. Students take it in turns to be the person to give an opening statement and to reply using short imaginary answers. The other team gets two minutes to find out as many further details as possible by asking as many questions as they can. Teams get one point for each question. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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Question Crossword

ESL EFL Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 35 Minutes

In this fun crossword activity, students practice making questions with different question words. The class is divided into two groups (A and B) and each student is given a corresponding worksheet. Both groups have the same crossword, but Group A has the words across and Group B has the words down. Their task is to write questions for the words on their part of the crossword. Working together, the students write down questions that would elicit the words/phrases on their crossword. When they have finished writing their questions, the students pair up with someone from the other group. Students then take it in turns to ask their partner for a question to one of their missing words by asking, e.g. What’s the question for 1 down? Their partner then asks them the question that relates to the word/phrase that appears on their half of the crossword. The student then tries to guess the answer. If the student guesses the answer successfully, they write in the missing word/phrase on their crossword. If not, their partner continues to ask more questions until their partner is able to guess the answer. When the students have finished, they compare their answers.

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Questions for Me

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 35 Minutes

This captivating teaching activity gives students practice at asking and answering questions using different question structures. The students are put into large groups and each student is given a copy of the worksheet. Each student writes their name at the top of the paper and then gives their sheet to the person sitting on their left. This person thinks of a question that they would like to ask the student whose name is at the top of the worksheet. They write their question on the worksheet by completing one of the unfinished questions. The activity is repeated until the students receive the worksheet with their name at the top. The students then go round the class, find each of the students who wrote a question for them and answer it.

Questions for Me.PDF  Free 


That's the Right Answer

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 35 Minutes

In this compelling group activity, students practice asking Wh-questions in various tenses. To begin the activity, the class is broken up into groups of four and each group is handed a set of cards. The cards have an assortment of words and phrases on them. One student begins by picking up a card and asking a question that will make someone in the group answer with the word or phrase on the card. The student, who answers with the word or phrase, keeps the card and wins one point. The next student picks up a card, and so on. The student with the highest number of points at the end of the game is the winner.

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The Job Interview

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 45 Minutes

In this teaching activity, students create job interview questions. Then, the students role-play a job interview and practice asking and answering the questions. First, students decide on a job they would like to apply for. The class is then split into interviewers and candidates. Each student is then given a copy of their respective worksheet. The students sit together in their groups. The interviewers discuss and decide on the salary, hours of work, etc, for the job. The candidates decide on the ideal criteria for the candidate to have, e.g. age, work experience, etc. The students then use the prompts on their worksheet to create job interview questions. The interviewers and candidates are paired together. After that, the students role-play the job interview asking and answering the questions. The interviewer’s task is to decide if the candidate is right for the job. The candidate’s task is to find out as much information as possible to decide if they want the job.

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What's the question?

ESL EFL Listening and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 25 Minutes

This teaching activity is perfect for reviewing question forms. Before class, prepare a list of answers to questions you want to review. The activity revolves around a game where the students are given an answer and they have to race come up with the correct question. The class is split into two teams. One player from each team comes to the front of the class. You read an answer to a question and ask the two players, "What's the question?" The first player to respond with the correct question wins a point for his or her team. Then, two new players come to the front of the class for a new round, and so on. The team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

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