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Likes and Dislikes - ESL EFL Teaching Resources

Broken Sentences

ESL EFL Matching Activity - Elementary - 20 Minutes

In this fantastic matching activity, students have to put together sentences which have been broken into two halves. The sentences cover different phrases for talking about likes and dislikes. Each pair of students is given a set of mixed up cards and told to arrange the cards into 20 sentences about likes and dislikes. After ten minutes, the students stop the activity and go through the answers. Pairs of students take it in turns to read out their sentences. For each correct sentence, pairs win a point.

Broken Sentences.PDF


Expressing Preferences

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 25 Minutes

In this specific teaching activity, students complete sentences using different expressions for talking about likes and dislikes. Expressions for talking about indifference are also given. The students then work with a partner and write a dialogue using the various phrases they have learnt.

Expressing Preferences.PDF


Find Someone Who - Favourites

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Elementary - 25 Minutes

This delightful language activity shows students how to ask people about their favourite things. The students do a mingling activity asking different "What is your favourite...?" questions. When students find someone with the same answer as themselves, they write down their name on their worksheet.

Find Someone Who - Favourites.PDF


I enjoy learning English and you?

ESL EFL Lesson - Elementary - 1 Hour

The link below will take you to an extensive lesson for teaching likes and dislikes. Students start by learning how to talk about likes and preferences. Then, they look at some basic vocabulary for talking about sports and hobbies. The students then complete a chart about the sports and pastimes they like and dislike. After that, students pair up and practice asking and answering questions about their hobby and sport preferences. They report their findings to the class. Finally, the students work in small groups and come up with the three most popular hobbies for their group. Each group presents their results.

I enjoy learning English and you.PDF


Likes, Dislikes and Preferences

ESL EFL Writing Activity - Elementary -  30 Minutes

Here is a link to an engaging worksheet that helps students to practice making sentences with the verb to like. Students begin by looking at how to write sentences using the verb to like in the affirmative, negative and interrogative form. Then, they practice these forms by making sentences and questions according to the information provided in two charts. 

Likes, Dislikes and Preferences.PDF


Match My Answer

ESL EFL Speaking and Writing Activity - Elementary -  30 Minutes

In this insightful teaching activity, students ask and answer questions about personal preferences. The class is divided into pairs (A and B) and each student is given the appropriate worksheet. Students being by answering questions about their favourite things. The students then work in their pairs. Student A starts by asking Student B the questions on their worksheet, e.g. What's your favourite item of clothing? If Student B's favourite is the same, Student A scores points. When Student A has finished, Student B starts asking their questions to Student A. When this has been done, the students repeat the task with a new partner. At the end of the activity, the teacher asks for the highest totals to see which two students are the most compatible and share the most favourite things.

Match My Answer.PDF


My Favourite Person

ESL EFL Drawing and Writing Activity - Elementary -  25 Minutes

Here is a supplementary worksheet for teaching young learners. Students complete a short profile of their favourite person, including their name, age, job, a description of the person, and their reasons are liking them. The students also draw a picture of their favourite person.

My Favourite Person.PDF


My Favourites

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary -  25 Minutes

In this teaching activity, learners work individually to complete different sentences about their favourite things. When they have completed all the sentences, they pair up with another student. After that,  they practice asking and answering questions about their most favourite things.

My Favourites.PDF


Talk About - Board Game

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Elementary -  25 Minutes

In this compelling board game, students practice expressing their likes and dislikes about various topics. Students play the game in small groups. They take it in turns to throw the dice and move their counter around the board. When a player lands on a 'talk about' square, they have to talk about the topic for 30 seconds without stopping. If they can’t think of anything to say or they stop talking before the 30 seconds are up, they move back to their previous square. The first student to reach the finish is the winner.

Talk About ....PDF

Was it you ...?

ESL EFL Listening and Speaking Activity - Elementary -  35 Minutes

This happens to be an effective activity for teaching students how to talk about their likes and dislikes. Students complete two slips of paper. On the first slip, they write their favourite word and on the second slip, they write something they love or hate doing. The students then work in large groups to find out who wrote each slip. The students have to listen very carefully as they can only ask a certain number of questions.

Was it you...?.PDF


Cupid's Dating Agency

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

In this enjoyable teaching activity, students match people together according to their likes and dislikes. Each group takes the role of a dating agency. First, students look at pictures of people on cards. Then, they fill in profile information by thinking about what suits each person's character best. The profile information teaches students many examples of different expressions for liking and disliking. Students work together and tell one another about the people on their cards. The whole group then decides who should go on a date with who, based upon the information in the profile. Afterwards, students tell the whole class about their most promising dates.

Cupid's Dating Agency.PDF


Do you like...?

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

For this teaching activity, students work in pairs. The students take it in turns to ask and respond to questions about likes and dislikes. They are taught to reply using different yes/no phrases (Yes, very much. No, not at all, etc.). After that, the students make statements about what their partner likes and dislikes, which they reveal to the class.

Do you like...?.PDF


Likes and Dislikes

ESL EFL Speaking  Activity - Pre-intermediate -  30 Minutes

This practical ESL activity teaches students how they can ask about likes and dislikes, and reply by expressing degrees of feeling. Students work in pairs and ask each other about their likes and dislikes. Students use one of the eight expressions to reply, and the other student writes down their partner's answer in the third person.

Likes and Dislikes.PDF


Stop Bugging Me

ESL EFL Speaking  Activity - Pre-intermediate -  25 Minutes

This entertaining speaking activity teaches students how to use common expressions of irritation. There are eight expressions of irritation covered in the activity, e.g. I can't stand, It really bugs me, It gets on my nerves, etc. Students work in pairs and ask each other questions using the phrase: Does it bother you when people ...? Students response according to their degree of irritation. Students mark their partner's answers on a worksheet. When everyone has finished the activity, students report back to the class on their partner's irritations.

Stop Bugging Me.PDF


Talk for a Minute - Likes and Dislikes

ESL EFL Speaking  Activity - Pre-intermediate -  30 Minutes

For this teaching activity, students are split up into small groups. Within every group, there should be two even teams. Each student takes it in turns to play by talking for a minute about a certain topic based on likes and dislikes. If they do this without hesitation, they win a point for their team. If they hesitate, the other team can challenge, and continue for the rest of the minute. The team with the most points wins.

Talk for a Minute - Likes and Dislikes.PDF


Who is it?

ESL EFL Writing  Activity - Pre-intermediate -  30 Minutes

In this challenging teaching activity, students complete descriptions about their likes, dislikes and interests and then the class has to guess who wrote each description. Each student is given a numbered worksheet. The students complete a description of their likes, dislikes and interests and then the worksheets are put up around the classroom. The students read the numbered descriptions and decide which student in the class wrote each one. The student who guessed the most correct answers is the winner.

Who is it.PDF


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