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Phrasal Verbs - ESL EFL Teaching Resources

Acting out

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 25 Minutes

In this fun miming game, students review some commonly used phrasal verbs. The class is split into two teams A and B. A student from Team A comes to the front of the class, picks up a card and mimes the situation. Students from both teams then try to guess what is being mimed. The first student to guess correctly scores a point for their team. Then, a student from Team B does a mime and so on. The teams are told before the mime the information they need to look for and how many phrasal verbs are in the mime.

Acting out.PDF


Don't say it!

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 20 Minutes

In this pairwork activity, students practice describing phrasal verbs. The class is divided into pairs (A and B) and each student is given a corresponding worksheet. Students sit back to back, so they cannot look at each other's worksheet. They take it in turns to describe the phrasal verbs in bold to their partner, but they can't use any of the words in italics in their descriptions. Their partner has to try to guess the phrasal verb. When everyone has completed the activity, some students present their descriptions to the class.

Don't say it!.PDF


Phrasal Verbs - Find Someone Who...

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 25 Minutes

This dynamic activity teaches students how they can ask various questions that incorporate phrasal verbs. Whenever an individual finds somebody that answers yes to their question, they jot down their name and then ask follow-up questions.

Phrasal Verbs - Find Someone Who...PDF


Phrasal Verbs

ESL EFL Lesson - Pre-intermediate -  45 Minutes

This adaptable lesson helps you to teach your students about phrasal verbs. Students are taught what phrasal verbs are and how we use them. The lesson includes matching and writing exercises.

Phrasal Verbs.PDF

 ESL Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs Exercises

ESL EFL Writing Activity - Pre-intermediate -  45 Minutes

Here is a useful link to a set of writing exercises that help you to teach your students some common phrasal verbs. The handout includes many different writing exercises such as matching exercises and gap-fills to help students master some of the most frequent phrasal verbs.

Phrasal Verbs Exercises.PDF


Phrasal Verbs Lesson

ESL EFL Lesson - Pre-intermediate -  40 Minutes

This comprehensive lesson teaches students 16 phrasal verbs. The phrasal verbs begin with get, go, come and take. The students start by completing 16 sentences with phrasal verbs using various tenses. To help them there is a verb in brackets next to each sentence. Next, the students work in pairs. The students test each other on the phrasal verbs in exercise 1. They take turns in saying a sentence using the verb in brackets instead of the phrasal verb. Their partner must try to give the correct phrasal verb. After that, students choose six of the phrasal verbs and use them in their own sentences. Finally, students pair up again. They read each sentence to their partner but leave out the phrasal verb. Their partner attempts to guess the missing phrasal verb.

Phrasal Verbs Lesson.PDF


Phrasal Verbs with Get

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate -  25 Minutes

This supplementary worksheet is ideal for teaching your students about phrasal verbs with get. The students start by completing a gap-fill exercise. Students write prepositions into each sentence. Following that, the students match the phrasal verb sentences with sentences that have similar meanings. Finally, the class is split into pairs. They ask and answer questions using the various phrasal verbs they studied in the worksheet.

Phrasal Verbs with Get.PDF   


Phrasal Verbs with Up

ESL EFL Writing Activity - Pre-intermediate -  30 Minutes

This crossword activity can be used after the Phrasal Verbs lesson. This activity teaches students phrasal verbs that have the preposition up. Students complete a crossword by writing the correct phrasal verb into each sentence. All the phrasal verbs have the preposition up.

Phrasal Verbs with Up.PDF


Story Time

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

This amusing chain game can be used to teach or practice phrasal verbs. Sit the students in a circle. The teacher begins the story by saying a sentence that includes a phrasal verb, e.g. I walked down the street. The first student repeats the teacher’s sentence and adds a new phrase / sentence (that includes a phrasal verb) to carry on the story, e.g. I walked down the street and went into the corner shop. The game continues with each student in turn trying to remember what the last student said, and then adding something new to the story. Students receive a minus point if they cannot think of a continuation to the story using a phrasal verb, make a memory mistake or if they take too long to answer. The student with the least number of minus points at the end is the winner.

Story Time.PDF

The Get Report

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

In this interesting group activity, students ask and answer questions using phrasal verbs with get. The class is divided into large groups. Each group member is given a question card and a piece of paper. Students then survey their group, asking the other group members their questions. Students write down their classmates' responses on the paper. When they have finished, students report back to the class with an overview of their group's answers.

The Get Report.PDF


What's the Phrasal Verb?

ESL EFL Writing Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

This intriguing writing task is useful for teaching and revising phrasal verbs. Students share their knowledge of the phrasal verbs they already know as well as teach new phrasal verbs to their classmates. First, students write one preposition into each square of the preposition column 1 to 12. Following that, the students write 12 phrasal verb sentences using the prepositions. However, instead of writing the verbs in the sentences, the students leave them out. The worksheets are then redistributed. So, each student has someone else's worksheet. The students read each sentence and try to guess the missing verb.

What's the Phrasal Verb?.PDF


Copy Me - Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 45 Minutes

Here is an enjoyable game that helps you teach students to understand the meaning of various phrasal verbs and idioms. The class is divided into two teams. Each team nominates someone from their group to be the first player. The two players go to the front of the class, so that they are facing their teams. Everyone is given a worksheet, including the two players at the front of the class. All the students answer the first question, which contains either a phrasal verb or an idiom. When everyone has finished writing, the teacher reads out the first question. The two players then read out their answers to the first question. Then all the students read out or show their answers. Teams score one point for each person who has the same answer as their team player.

Copy Me - Phrasal Verbs and Idioms.PDF


Get to the bottom of it

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 30 Minutes

In this particular teaching activity, participants are split into twos and handed a set of folded cards. They put the cards in a pile with either side facing up. The first student takes the top card and reads the sentence that is facing up. The student must then say what is on the other side of the card. If they read the phrasal verb, they have to describe what it means. If they see the meaning, they have to give the phrasal verb.

Get to the bottom of it.PDF


Getting to Know You

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 30 Minutes

This communicative ESL activity helps in teaching students the different meanings of phrasal verbs with get by asking and answering questions. To begin the teaching activity, each student is given a question using the verb get. Before you start the activity, go through the questions to make sure the students understand them. This activity teaches students a variety of phrasal verbs that they may be unfamiliar with. Students then survey the class by asking everybody else their question. Each student should make a note of the most common or interesting answers. When everyone has finished, each student reports back to the class with an overview of the class's habits and gives feedback on any interesting findings.

Getting to Know You.PDF


Phrasal Race

ESL EFL Writing Activity - Intermediate - 40 Minutes

This memorable activity helps to teach your students to write sentences with phrasal verbs. Students are divided into teams. The teacher writes a verb on the board. In their teams, students have five minutes to write as many sentences as they can, using the chosen verb as a phrasal verb. After five minutes, the teacher asks each team for their sentences. For each sentence where the meaning of the phrasal verb is conveyed correctly, the teams are awarded one point. 

Phrasal Race.PDF


Phrasal Verbs at Work

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 25 Minutes

In this Business English activity, students complete work-related questions with phrasal verbs. Students then interview a partner and have a discussion based on their answers. The class is divided into groups A and B. Students pair up with someone from their group and together they complete the phrasal verbs in the questions with the correct form of the most suitable verb. After the answers have been checked, students partner up with a classmate from the other group. They ask their new partner the questions on their worksheet and then have a discussion based on their partner's answers. When the students have finished, individuals report some of their partner's most interesting answers to the class.

Phrasal Verbs at Work.PDF


Phrasal Verb Jeopardy

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Intermediate -  40 Minutes

This delightful game is perfect for teaching or revising phrasal verbs. Divide up the members of the class into four teams and give each team a name. The teacher draws a grid on the board and starts by choosing a square for the class. The teacher reads the meaning of the phrasal verb assigned to that square. The first student to guess the phrasal verb acquires that square for their team.

Phrasal Verb Jeopardy.PDF


Phrasal Verbs with Get - Lesson

ESL EFL Lesson - Intermediate -  1 Hour +

Here is an excellent lesson from the British Council. This lesson teaches students the meaning of 10 phrasal verbs with get. Students begin by reading a dialogue. This dialogue introduces the 10 phrasal verbs. Students focus on the context of the dialogue and complete vocabulary and matching exercises to check their understanding of the phrasal verbs. Students then prepare a written conversation using the original dialogue as a model. Finally, the students play a card game. The card game gives them extended practice at using the phrasal verbs.

Phrasal Verbs with Get - Notes.PDF

Phrasal Verbs with Get - Worksheets.PDF


Use Them Up

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Intermediate -  35 Minutes

In this challenging speaking task, students practice using phrasal verbs with up. The class is divided into small groups and each group is given a set of topic cards and phrasal verb cards. The topic cards are placed face down on the table. The phrasal verb cards are shuffled and three cards are dealt to each player. The first topic card is turned over and the group starts talking about the topic in general. The goal is for each student to use the phrasal verbs on their cards in the context of that topic. When someone uses the phrasal verb on a card appropriately, they put the card down on the table. The student who uses all three of their phrasal verbs first wins the round and keeps the topic card. Then, the next topic card is turned over and so on. The winner of the game is the student with the most topic cards at the end.

Use Them Up.PDF

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