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History Teacher for High School in Guangdong, China

Location: China  | Type: Secondary School |  Contract: Full-time |  Listed: 13th Aug 2019

Job overview

Salary 20,000-24,000RMB per month;

· Apartment provided;

· Summer or Winter holiday with basic salary;

· Comprehensive medical and accident insurance while you are employed in China;

· Paid public holidays;

· Reimbursed residence permit, and obligatory medical check-up;

· Regular teaching training;

· 24 classes per week

· RMB 5,000 airfare allowance paid by the completion of contract;

· Bonus: 1500 to 5000 CNY employment contract renewal bonus.

Job description

We offer:

1. Salary 20,000-24,000 per month;

2. Apartment provided;

3. Summer or Winter holiday with basic salary;

4. Comprehensive medical and accident insurance while you are employed in China;

5. Paid public holidays;

6. Reimbursed residence permit, and obligatory medical check-up;

7. Regular teaching training;

8. TEFL in China course available free to Haida staff (conditions apply);

9. Opportunities for promotion and career advancement within Haida;

10. Ongoing team-building activities;

11. RMB5,000 airfare allowance paid by the completion of contract;

12. Bonus: 1500 to 5000 CNY employment contract renewal bonus.


• Prepare and deliver History lessons for AP courses and history course in international high school;

• Prepare and retain appropriate teaching plans and report teaching process;

• Assess students’ work and provide feedback; Assign homework and mark it; Fill out mid-term and final grade reports; Conduct unit quizzes and record scores;

• Tutor students accordingly and answer their queries;

• Maximum lessons: 25 per week (40 mins);

• Office hour: 9am to 5pm;

• Student age: 15-17.

Selection Criteria:

• Bachelor degree or above;

• Majored in History (or History teaching experience);

• Experience in teaching high school preferred;

• Experience in curriculum development preferred;

• Having knowledge in interdisciplinary research-based learning and PBL mode preferred;

• Qualification for AP courses preferred.


• Patient and amiable, enjoy being with senior high school students and teaching economics;

• Good at collaboration, quick to learn and tend to delve into researches;

• Receptive to suggestions and willing to enhance teaching;

• Conscientious and nimble;

• Steadfast to work, responsible and motivated.

About the school

The Affiliated Tianhe School of Guangdong Experimental Middle School (henceforward also referred to as the Affiliated School of GDEMS) is a private school approved by the Education Department of Guangdong Province and established in 2005. The school, under the joint venture of Guangdong Experimental Middle School (henceforward also referred to as GDEMS) and Guangzhou Educational Development Co. Ltd., combines the rich cultural tradition and state-of-the-art teaching philosophy of the former, with the strong financial input and excellent service provided by the latter.

The school sticks to implementing quality-oriented education and vigorously develops education with its own characteristics, such as all the faculties participating in moral education, instruction being presented in series, activities being carried out with a specific theme and class meetings being held in the curricular way. In addition, the school commits itself to exploring six kinds of education for life, which refer to art education, science education, living education, psycho education, environmental education and physical education. In order to put highly-effective teaching into practice, classes are organized in the form of interaction and exploration, with concise explanation from the teachers and selected drills for the students. We abide by the education priciple that everything we do serves the progress and development of every student. With the teaching purpose of Knowledge, Ability and Moral, we guarantee students’ versatile, proportionate and sustainable development.

Since the establishment of the school in 2005, the average score of students has always been at the top in the examinations of main subjects in Tianhe District. In the final exam of year 2009, the first grade ranked top in total four subjects (Chinese, mathematics, English and politics).

The first graduates of the school achieved excellent results in 2008: almost 100 percent of the total 420 students were admitted to high-level schools, including 108 students with a total score over 700. While the amount admitted to provincial level public schools reached 83 percent. 8 students got full marks in physics and chemistry.

From year 2005 to 2009, great achievements have been made in various academic competitions with 496 people being awarded. In November 2008, school won first prize in Guangdong Astronomical Olympic Competition in both junior and senior high groups. From year 2005 to 2008, the parents' committee conducted a questionnaire on 16 aspects about school work and satisfaction reached 92.5 percent. 2010 witnessed a great overall achievement in the high school entrance exam with 221 students scoring over 700, increasing by 81 people compared to 2009.

In 2011, the number of candidates scoring over 700 in the school reached 238, maintaining an increasing trend for three consecutive years, though the city’s overall amount of high-score candidates was decreasing. The number of people who reached the priority approval line (693 points) was 295. What’s more, 91 percent of students reached the national exemplary high school admission line.

In the high school entrance examination for 2013, the scores reached a new high and became the only school that saw a 400 students scoring over 700 in the whole city. In the meanwhile, it’s the only school that owned ten classes reaching an average score over 700. Students reaching the line for first-tier universities was 21.8 percent, second-tier universities 77.8 percent and third-tier universities 95.8 percent. All graduates reached the threshold score.

How to apply:

Please send your CV to [email protected] , or apply online at