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Describing People, Places and Things - ESL EFL Activities, Worksheets, Lessons and Games

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Describe your Classmate

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 30 Minutes

This activity can be used to help teach students how to describe someone. Each student is handed a copy of the worksheet. The worksheet covers language to describe height, build, eye colour and hair length as well as clothes vocabulary. Students choose one of their classmates. The students then describe their chosen classmate's appearance by choosing information from the worksheet. After that, they write a short description and the class tries to guess who it is.

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Describing People

ESL EFL Lesson - Elementary - 1 Hour +

This rewarding five-page lesson helps to teach students how to describe people. In the lesson, students learn how to use the 'verb to be' to describe height and body build. They also learn to use 'have' and 'has' to describe hair colour, hair length and facial features. The students also practice describing what someone is wearing. The lesson includes many fun writing, speaking and drawing activities to help students master describing people.

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Character Traits

ESL EFL Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 40 Minutes

In this 'Find Someone Who' activity, students practice asking and answering questions about character traits. Each student is given a copy of the worksheet. Students begin by going through the items on their worksheet and forming the questions they need to ask in order to do the activity. Students then move around the classroom asking and answering questions about character traits and completing their worksheets. If a classmate answers no to a question, they repeat the question with other students in the class until one of them says yes. They write this student's name in the appropriate column and ask the student to give an example of the trait, e.g. A: Do you like to try new or exciting things? B: Yes, I do. A: Can you give me an example? B: Yes. Last week, I went skydiving. The student then writes the example on the worksheet. When everyone has finished, the teacher goes through each item and elicits the adjective that describes the character trait. The students also give feedback to the rest of the class on what they found out about their classmates' character traits, sharing any interesting examples.

Character Traits.PDF  Free 


Describe and Draw

ESL EFL Listening and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

Here is an excellent activity to help students practice describing people and listening to descriptions. The class is divided into pairs (A and B) and each student is given a corresponding part of the worksheet. In their pairs, students take it in turns to describe people on their worksheet to their partner. Their partner listens carefully and draws the people. Then they swap roles. The students describe physical appearance as well as clothes and body posture. When they have finished, the students compare their drawings to the originals. As an extension, the students describe a famous person to their partner. Their partner draws the person and guesses who it is. The drawings are then shown to the class and they guess who it is.

Describe and Draw.PDF  Exclusive 


Describe it

ESL EFL Matching and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 25 Minutes

In this engaging card game, students practice matching adjectives to pictures and describing things. Students also learn how to order adjectives. Each group of three is given a set of adjective cards and picture cards. The players take it in turns to pick up and put down an adjective card. Players can choose to take a card from the pack or take the previous card that was put down. The aim of the game is to get four adjective cards that describe one of the pictures. When a player has four adjective cards that describe one of the pictures, they place the cards in front of the picture and describe it. The winning picture is then taken out of the game. The game continues until all of the picture cards have been described.

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Describing People, Places and Things

ESL EFL Lesson - Pre-intermediate - 2 Hours

This is a compelling five-page lesson that can be broken up into three parts if you don't have time to teach it all in one go. In the first part of the lesson, students learn different adjectives for describing people's appearance, personality and character. The students then practice describing people in pairs. In the second part, students learn and practice how to describe places, e.g. famous landmarks, buildings, cities, etc. In the last part of the lesson, students practice describing things that are important to them and describing things from different perspectives.

Describing People, Places and Things.PDF  Exclusive 


ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

In this memorable teaching activity, students become matchmakers. The students write descriptions of people they know and match them with similar people. First, the students complete a form for a friend or relative who is single. The form includes personal information as well as adjectives to describe positive and negative personality traits. Then students try to find a partner for their friend or relative by interviewing other students to decide if the two people would be a good match. Students interview as many people as possible and then decide on the best match.

Matchmaker.PDF  Exclusive 


Pen Friend

ESL EFL Writing Activity - Pre-intermediate - 25 Minutes

Here is an amusing activity for describing people. In the activity, students write to a pen friend, describing and inventing information about someone’s appearance and personality. Students work in groups of eight. Each student invents details and writes a letter to a new pen friend. However, each time they complete a sentence, they fold their letter so that the sentence they have written is hidden. Then they give the letter to the student on their left. This process is repeated until all of the sentences have been completed. When the letter is finished, the students open out their letter and read it aloud. This is their new pen friend! The letters should make an entertaining read. The students can use the same worksheet to write a reply to their new pen friend.

Pen Friend.PDF  Exclusive 


The Journey

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

This imaginative teaching activity helps students to practice describing things, e.g. size, appearance, condition, etc. In the activity, students describe in detail what they see as they are led on a journey. Students can also discover elements of their personality in an enjoyable way. When each situation is approached, the students close their eyes and take a mental snapshot of the picture in their mind before opening their eyes. Then they write the details on their worksheet. When the journey is completed, the students describe what they saw in each situation. You then give them an interpretation of each situation.

The Journey.PDF  Exclusive 


Think of Something

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 Minutes

In this entertaining activity, students associate words with adjectives and compare their answers with their classmates. Each student is handed a copy of the worksheet. Individually, students go through the questions on their worksheet and write something that they associate with each adjective. Students then ask a partner the same questions and write down their answers. When they have finished, the students compare how many things they have in common with their partner and try to find the adjectives where they both thought of the same thing. Students then choose five of the adjectives from the list and write as many things they associate with them as possible. Each list of items is then read out and the others in the class try to guess the adjective.

Think of Something.PDF  Free 


Adjectives that Describe Places

ESL EFL Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Intermediate - 35 Minutes

In this enjoyable crossword activity, students practice defining adjectives that are commonly used to describe places. They then pair up and complete half of a crossword by guessing adjectives from clues given by their partner. The class is split into two groups (A and B) and each student is given a corresponding worksheet. Both groups have the same crossword, but Group A has the words down and Group B has the words across. Working with the people in their group, students invent and write down clues for the adjectives on their crossword. When they have finished, each student works with a partner from the other group. Students take it in turns to ask their partner for a clue to one of their missing adjectives. Their partner reads out the clue for that adjective. The other student then tries to guess the word. If the student guesses the adjective successfully, they write the missing word on their crossword. If not, the other student continues to give more clues until their partner is able to guess the word. When the students have finished, they compare their answers.

Adjectives that Describe Places.PDF  Exclusive 


What do they do for a living?

ESL EFL Writing and Matching Activity - Intermediate - 45 Minutes

In this engaging activity, students describe and characterize people in certain jobs. In groups of four, students describe the sort of person who does each job on their worksheet. Then each group is given pictures of people and told that each person does one of the jobs on the worksheet. Each group looks at their descriptions and pictures and assesses which description should go with which picture and why. The students consider the appearance and overall impressions they get from the pictures to help them make their decisions. Finally, the correct answers are given and the groups give feedback to the class.

What do they do for a living.PDF  Exclusive 


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