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ESL Quiz Games

Guns, Bombs and Angels

Age/Level: Any     Time: 20 minutes     Players: 4 teams     Preparation: A list of questions and grid

Aim: To answer general knowledge or review questions

This entertaining game can be played as a general knowledge ESL quiz. It can also be used to review what the students have been learning in class, or you can use it to revise question and answer forms. Before you begin, you will need to prepare a list of questions and a grid.


Separate the class into four teams and assign each team a number.

On the board, draw a grid with numbers at the top and letters at the side. Also, draw a scoreboard for the four teams. Draw five stick men next to each team's number. Each stick man represents a life.

On the board, you should also draw a big gun, small gun, a bomb and an angel (See example in the PDF).

Big gun = Take two lives.

Small gun = Take one life.

Bomb = Lose a life.

Angel = Win a life.

Explain to the class that behind each square on the grid is a big gun, small gun, a bomb or an angel. Before they can choose a square, they must answer a question correctly.

The teams play in order and the winning team is the one left standing.


Teacher: What is the capital of Thailand?

Student in Team 1: The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

Teacher: Well done. Choose a square.

Team 1: B5.

Teacher: (Looks at his/her hidden grid and sees a big gun in that square. The teacher draws a big gun in the B5 square) It's a big gun. Now take two lives from another team.

Team 1: (Thinks and then chooses Team 3) We choose Team 3.

Teacher: (Deletes two stick men from Team 3) Ok, Team 2. It's your turn.

If a team answers incorrectly, just move on to the next team.

Guns, Bombs and Angels.PDF


Join the Dots

Age/Level: Any     Time: 25 minutes     Players: 3 teams     Preparation: A list of questions

Aim: To answer questions

This is a strategic ESL quiz game for students of all ages.


Divide the students into three teams.

Draw a 6 X 6 grid using 7 dots across and 7 dots down. Draw the dots about three inches apart so that they can be easily seen by the students.

You will need a different coloured pen for each team playing.

Team A answers a question. If they are correct, they get to connect two of the dots with a line.

Repeat with Team B, and so on.

The object of the game is to join the dots together either horizontally or vertically to make squares.

When a square is formed as a result of drawing the fourth line that team writes their team's letter in the square, and they get another turn.

The game is over when the 36 squares are completed.

The winner is the team with the most squares.

The number of dots depends on how long you want the game to last. Don't make it too many otherwise the game will go on for a long time.

Join the Dots.PDF


ESL Quiz Game

Age/Level: Any     Time: 25 minutes      Players: 4 teams     Preparation: A list of categories with five questions per category

Aim: To answer questions based on a category

This ESL quiz game works well with large classes. You will need to have a list of questions. There should be five questions for each category with each question being of varying difficulty.


Put the students into four teams and have each team choose a name.

Draw a 6 x 6 table on the board (See example in the PDF).

Label each column with a points value. Label each row with a category, such as grammar, places, movies, countries, etc.

Tell the class that the categories represent the types of questions and the points represent the difficulty of the questions.

Explain to the class that you will start the quiz off with a question.

The first student to put up their hand and answer correctly wins the square.

Make it clear to the students that any student can answer any question. Also, explain that they must put up their hand to answer and must answer in the form of a sentence.

Once the question is answered correctly, write the winning team's name in the square.

The winning team gets to choose the next category and point value for all the teams to try to answer.

ESL Quiz Game.PDF

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