Academic English Worksheets and Activities

In this section, you will find all our pages and topics related to Academic English. These resources are designed for students entering or already in higher education. The academic English resources below tie into the specific study needs of higher education students and help them to use language appropriately for study. The materials cover a wide range of topics, such as Academic writing where students need to study paragraph writing and structure, essay writing, etc. Depending on the topic, students practice skills relating to reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation. All the materials come in user-friendly PDF format with full teacher’s notes. Many materials can be downloaded directly for free. We also offer editable PDF versions for members with full online access.

This page offers Academic Word List (AWL) worksheets that help students become familiar with words from AWL Sublist 1 and 2. The worksheets give students practice at using the words in context and help to build vocabulary through exposure to their related word families.
This page provides EAP debating worksheets and activities that introduce students to important concepts and skills required for successful debating. These materials also allow students to practice basic rhetoric skills which should also help them develop an ability to think more critically.
Here you can access EAP discussion worksheets and activities that provide students with functional language and key skills to help them participate in classroom discussions more effectively.
Here you will find academic essay writing worksheets that help you to teach your students how to plan, structure, outline and write an academic essay. There are resources to introduce students to the parts of an essay as well as materials that look at essay structure, unity, coherence and academic style. You will also find resources to help students learn how to write an introductory paragraph, thesis statement, and concluding paragraph.
On this page, you will find academic paragraph writing worksheets to help teach students how to structure and write a paragraph. The resources also provide students with extensive practice in writing topic sentences, supporting ideas, supporting details, and concluding sentences. There are also resources to help students learn how to write paragraph outlines and practice paragraph unity and coherence.
This page offers a selection of presentation skills EAP worksheets and activities that help students learn how to deliver academic presentations with more confidence and greater impact. The materials not only cover general functional presentation language and rhetorical structure, but also more specific presentation skills such as describing data and effective delivery.
This page provides students with a wide range of worksheets, activities and games based on punctuation. The materials help to develop students' writing skills and guide them on the proper use of punctuation marks. The resources cover full stops (periods), question marks, exclamation marks or points, commas, semicolons, colons, dashes, hyphens, brackets, braces, parentheses, apostrophes, quotation marks and ellipsis.
This page provides EAP reading comprehension worksheets to help students practice important reading skills and strategies through a range of interesting reading passages, exercises and question types.
Here you will find EAP reading skills worksheets and activities to help you teach your students strategies such as skimming, scanning, finding main ideas, and using context to infer the meaning of new words. The worksheets are designed to break down the skills required to answer the various question types found in reading comprehension exercises.
The resources on this page help to teach students how to write referenced essays. There are worksheets to help students learn the features and basic formatting of referenced essays. There are also resources about academic integrity and how to avoid plagiarism and collusion, as well as other worksheets about evaluating sources, paraphrasing, summary writing, citations, and referencing.
The worksheets on this page focus on the writing process. These resources help students to learn and practice analysing essay questions, prewriting to generate ideas using listing and brainstorming, organising ideas with outlines and mind maps, writing first drafts, as well as revising and editing.

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