Referenced Essays EAP Worksheets

Harvard Referencing

EAP Harvard Referencing Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Writing End of Text References, Identifying, Error Correction - Intermediate (B1) - 25 minutes

This Harvard referencing worksheet helps students learn and practice the key elements of Harvard referencing. First, students read information about the Harvard referencing system. Students then create three end-of-text references using information in prompts. Lastly, students read an essay, identify citing and referencing errors, and correct them.
Harvard Referencing Worksheet Preview

Academic Integrity

EAP Academic Integrity Worksheet - Reading Exercises: Matching, Identifying, True or False - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 30 minutes

In this informative academic integrity worksheet, students learn about the key concepts of academic integrity and how to avoid plagiarism and collusion. First, students unscramble words to reveal important academic integrity terms and match them to definitions. Students continue by reading about academic integrity and plagiarism. Students also compare a plagiarised citation with citations that adhere to the rules of academic integrity and read tips on how to paraphrase an idea or sentence borrowed from a source. Students then read three sentences to determine which are common knowledge and do not require a citation. After that, students read an excerpt from an authentic text and examine five citations to determine whether or not they adhere to academic integrity rules. In the last exercise, students test some of their knowledge of academic integrity by indicating whether statements are true or false.
Academic Integrity Worksheet Preview

Citing and Referencing

EAP Citing and Referencing Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Writing Academic Citations, Short answer Questions, Creating an Academic List of References - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 45 minutes

In this comprehensive citing and referencing worksheet, students learn and practice some basic conventions of citing and referencing using APA style. Students begin by viewing examples of citations and references for three different source types: printed books, a journal article, and an online news website. Students then read a brief explanation of narrative and parenthetical citations and practice creating a citation for each type. Next, students read a short explanation of references and answer questions about a reference for an online journal article. Finally, students read details for three sources, a book, a journal article, and an online magazine to create a reference list that is in alphabetical order.
Citing and Referencing Worksheet Preview

Evaluating Sources

EAP Evaluating Sources Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Matching, Writing Notes, Evaluating Source Information, Multiple Choice - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 60 minutes

In this detailed evaluating sources worksheet, students are introduced to the CRAAP test as a method of evaluating the suitability of sources for integration into a referenced academic essay. Students start by matching source evaluation terms to their correct definitions. Next, students read a professional biography contained within a source and accompanying reference and use the CRAAP test to determine the suitability of the source. After that, students read five descriptions of potential sources for a referenced essay and decide if they should be included in the essay. In the final exercise, students answer two multiple-choice questions to test some of their knowledge of source evaluation.
Evaluating Sources Worksheet Preview

Integrating Source Information

EAP Source Integration Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Matching, Categorising, Paraphrasing, Creating Citations - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 45 minutes

In this in-depth integrating source information worksheet, students learn how to integrate information from sources into referenced essays in APA style using reporting verbs and a simple four-step technique. To start, students match reporting verbs commonly used in referenced essays to their correct definitions. Students then place 30 reporting verbs into the correct row of a table, according to words that have a similar meaning or the same function. Next, students read a description of a four-step technique to integrate source information into a referenced essay. The four steps are: introduce, integrate, cite, and connect. Lastly, students use the information provided to practice integrating source information into a text.
Integrating Source Information Worksheet Preview

Paraphrasing and Summary Writing

EAP Paraphrasing and Summary Writing Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Paraphrasing, Identifying, Writing a Summary - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 60 minutes

In this useful summary writing and paraphrasing worksheet, students learn paraphrasing techniques and use them to produce a one-paragraph summary of an essay. First, students read about the first paraphrasing technique which is using synonyms. Students then paraphrase a sentence using appropriate synonyms. Next, students read about the second technique which requires using different parts of speech. Students then paraphrase a sentence using different parts of speech shown in a table. After that, students read about the third paraphrasing technique which involves changing the sentence type. Students then rewrite sentences using linking words or phrases. Afterwards, students read about the last technique which looks at changing the passive voice to the active voice and vice versa. Students then change sentences from active to passive and vice versa. Lastly, students read an essay about writing a referenced essay and underline the thesis statement, topic sentences and supporting ideas. Students then paraphrase each of these sentences using the techniques.
Paraphrasing and Summary Writing Worksheet Preview

Referenced Essay Basics

EAP Referenced Essay Basics Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Matching, Short Answer Questions, Identifying - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 45 minutes

This free referenced essay worksheet helps students to understand key referenced essay terms as well as become familiar with the features and basic formatting requirements of referenced essays. Students begin by matching referenced essay terms to their definitions. Next, students read an example referenced essay and answer questions about its features and formatting. In the last exercise, students read examples of citations and references and identify any errors.
Referenced Essay Basics Worksheet Preview

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