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Collocations for Meetings

Business English Collocations Worksheet - Vocabulary Exercises: Matching, Error Correction, Crossword - Intermediate (B1) - 25 minutes

Here is a useful business collocations worksheet to help students learn and practice verb-noun collocations for business meetings and discussions. Students begin by matching verbs to nouns to create collocations for meetings and discussions. Students then underline a verb-noun collocation mistake in each sentence and write the correct verb next to the sentence in its correct form. Finally, students complete a crossword by reading sentence clues and writing the missing verbs in the sentences and crossword in their correct forms.
Collocations for Meetings Preview

Balanced Budgets Board Game

Business English Collocations Worksheet and Activity - Vocabulary Exercises: Matching, Binary Choice - Vocabulary Game: Gap-fill, Controlled Practice - Group Work - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 40 minutes

Here is a business collocations board game and worksheet to help students learn and practice collocations related to finance and budgets. To begin, students match finance and budget collocations with their definitions. Students then complete sentences by underlining the correct collocation. Next, in groups, students play a board game to practice the finance and budget collocations. Students take turns picking up a card and reading the sentence to the student on their right using the word 'blank' for the missing collocation, e.g. 'Businesses have to BLANK on their profits to the government.' The other student listens to the sentence, chooses a suitable collocation from the game board, and says it aloud in its correct form to complete the sentence, e.g. pay taxes. If the student says the correct collocation shown on the card, they roll the dice and move their counter along the board. If the student gives a wrong answer, they don't roll the dice. The first student to reach the finish wins the game.
Balanced Budgets Board Game Preview

Business Collocations Challenge

Business English Collocations Worksheet and Game - Vocabulary Exercises: Identifying, Gap-fill - Vocabulary Game: Gap-fill, Matching - Group Work - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 30 minutes

In this productive business collocations worksheet and game, students learn and practice adjective-noun collocations used in business and then play a game matching adjectives to nouns in sentences. First, students cross out the incorrect adjective-noun collocation for each adjective. Students then use the adjectives to complete collocations in sentences. After that, students play a matching game to practice the adjective-noun collocations. In groups, students take turns picking up a sentence card and reading it to the group using the word 'blank' for the missing adjective. The other students listen and try to find the adjective card on the table that matches the noun in the sentence. The first student to place their hand on the correct adjective card and say it, wins the pair of cards. If a student chooses the wrong adjective, they are out of the round. The student with the most pairs of cards at the end of the game wins. As an extension, students play a pelmanism game using the two sets of cards.
Business Collocations Challenge Preview

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