Cause and Effect Essays Worksheets

Cause and Effect Essays 1

EAP Cause and Effect Essays Worksheet - Writing Exercises: Categorising, Gap-fill, Identifying, Listing, Creating an Essay Outline, Writing an Essay, Peer Review - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 90 minutes

In this cause and effect essays worksheet, students are introduced to cause and effect essay block structure and attempt a cause and effect essay writing practice. First, students read a description of cause and effect essays and compare two structures for organising a cause and effect essay - block structure and chain structure. Students then arrange transition signals in cause and effect essays according to their functions and complete two sentences with the transition signals. After that, students read an example essay and underline all the transition signals. Next, with a partner, students discuss and list the possible causes and effects of three issues. Students then move on to choose one issue and create a cause and effect essay outline. Following that, students use the outline to write their own cause and effect essay. Finally, students swap their essay with another student and do a peer review.
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