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Sports - ESL EFL Activities and Worksheets

Sport and Exercise

ESL EFL Writing, Listening and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 40 Minutes

In this rewarding teaching activity, students learn sport and exercise collocations with go, play and do. Students also learn about places where people do sports. This activity also covers frequency adverbs and expressions. Each student is given a copy of the worksheet. Students begin by looking at 12 pictures of sports and activities on their worksheet. Students then write the verb and the name of the activity next to each picture, e.g. play golf, do weight-lifting, etc. The students then prepare some questions for each picture to find out who does each activity, where they do it and how often, e.g. Do you play golf? Where do you play golf? How often do you play golf? After that, each student is given an activity card. The card contains a picture of an activity, the place the activity is done and a frequency adverb or expression. Students move around the classroom asking their questions to find out who does each activity on their worksheet. When they find the person who does each activity, they write down his/her name. They then ask the person where he/she does the activity and how often. Students continue asking questions and moving round the class until they have completed their worksheet.

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Sports Time

ESL EFL Writing, Matching and Reading Activity - Elementary - 45 Minutes

Here is an enjoyable two-page worksheet activity to help elementary students learn about sports vocabulary and verbs associated with sports. Students begin by matching verbs on their worksheet with pictures of sports and actions. Students then complete a set of sentences using the verbs. After that, students categorize other sports vocabulary by writing the words into the correct column on their worksheet, e.g. vocabulary associated with sports equipment, etc. Finally, students choose their favourite team sport and complete sentences using the vocabulary from the worksheet. The students then take it in turns to read their sentences to the class and the class tries to guess the sport.

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