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Business English Starting Presentations Worksheet - Reading, Vocabulary and Writing Exercises: Ordering, Matching, Gap-fill - Speaking Activity: Delivering Part of a Presentation - Intermediate (B1) - 60 minutes

This free starting presentations worksheet and role-play help students learn and practice steps used to start a business presentation together with the related language. First, students read the start of a business presentation and put a tick next to the steps the speaker covers. Students then order the steps the speaker goes through. Next, students match other phrases to the steps. After that, students complete the start of another presentation with words from a box. Students then move on to underline phrases in the presentation opening that cover the steps in Exercise A. Afterwards, students role-play the start of a presentation of their choice using ordered steps shown on role cards. Working alone, students prepare their presentations using the steps and corresponding language from the worksheet. Finally, students deliver their presentation openings to the class or group.
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Business English Presentation Openings Worksheet - Vocabulary and Writing Exercises: Matching, Gap-fill, Writing Sentences - Speaking Activity: Delivering a Presentation - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 40 minutes

Here is a comprehensive business presentation openings worksheet to help students learn and practice a structure for opening a business presentation. Students begin by matching sentences from a presentation opening to their functions. Students then complete sentences that explain each function with words from a box. Next, students complete an example presentation where someone is explaining their presentation's structure by underlining the correct words. After that, students prepare an opening for a business presentation of their choice using the structure from the worksheet. Finally, in pairs, students practice delivering their presentation openings, focusing on the key aspects of verbal delivery shown.
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