Ways to Master English Vocabulary

Learners can improve their English vocabulary in the following ways:

a) When doing English grammar exercises.

b) When practising speaking on various topics.

c) When reading various materials in English on a multitude of topics.

d) When listening to audio and video recordings with diverse content.

A good way to learn English vocabulary is by topics with explanations of meaning, examples of usage in sentences and with subsequent exercises. It is possible to practise English vocabulary through exercises in listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing in the following ways:

1. Do ready-made lexical exercises from textbooks in vocabulary practice. Exercises in vocabulary practice can include dialogues, narrations (telling stories), thematic texts, questions and answers in various situations, discussions, talking points and expressing opinions and views on real life topics and issues, etc.

2. Learners can also master new English vocabulary by reading thematic texts (materials) on everyday topics with important content, for example: Practical Tips and Advice to Make Everyday Life Easier and Better (practical solutions for everyday problems). Such self-help books on settling everyday matters are available at libraries, bookstores and on the Internet. It is better for easier memorisation to write down unknown vocabulary in whole sentences. It is expedient for learners to practise telling the content of the texts that they have read.

3. Students of English can learn a lot of vocabulary on every topic from thematic English dictionaries. Good thematic English dictionaries provide clear word usage explanations and a few usage sentences for each word, which is especially important. It is good practice for students to make up their own sentences with difficult vocabulary for potential use in daily life. Students should think about real life situations where and when that vocabulary can be used.

4. It is helpful for learners to have lists of difficult word meanings and of phrases (expressions) on every topic with usage sentences. By reading those ready-made vocabulary usage sentences many times if needed, learners will gradually master the vocabulary. Longman Language Activator Dictionary (unique English Idea Production Dictionary) covers this issue thoroughly. It is useful for learners to make up their own sentences with that vocabulary, taking into consideration real life situations.

5. Thematic general English dictionaries combined with English synonym dictionaries are a valuable tool for mastering English vocabulary logically, comprehensively and intensively for real life needs of learners. English synonym dictionaries provide usage explanations and usage examples for words with similar meaning.

Summary: Thematic English reading materials can be combined with English phrase books, conversation books, thematic English dictionaries, English synonym dictionaries and vocabulary practice books (with lexical exercises) for comprehensive, logical and intensive learning of English vocabulary.

Written by Michael Shelby

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