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The Library is a great way to get offline access to all our teaching resources. You simply download the file and save it on your computer or flash drive for when you need it. The file contains a copy of all the teaching materials found on the site at the time of purchase. This offer DOES NOT give you online access to the resources. If you wish to get an online membership package, please click here.

  • Contains over 1,300 Editable PDF Teaching Activities, Worksheets and Games
  • Plus, ESL Essential Games eBook 2nd Edition absolutely FREE!

  • $39.99

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What's inside?

This awesome ESL bundle contains all the teaching resources we've ever created! That's over 1,300 engaging ESL teaching activities, worksheets, lessons, games and ideas to help you deliver fun and productive lessons to your students.

All PDFs are now editable! This means you can personalize and customize the resources to suit your needs using any PDF editor. This includes changing vocabulary and language within the documents, adding your name or class information, cropping, deleting headers and footers, etc.

The library contains all the exclusive teaching activities that are not available to our free users.

You also receive a copy of our brand new ESL Essential Games eBook 2nd Edition absolutely FREE!

We add resources to the website daily and update the library download every week. When you sign up for the library download, you can access the download link for one year. So, if you need an updated version of the library, you just login and download it, at no extra cost.

How will I receive it?

After signing up, you log into the site with the username and password you created. You can access the download link from your profile under 'My Downloads'.

The categorized library and eBook come in a ZIP file that you download to your computer. 

All the teaching activities in the ZIP file are in an editable PDF format as well as Epub and Mobi formats for the ESL Essential Games eBook.

To open the ZIP file, just 'right click' the file and choose 'extract here'.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION to understand before you get started

The main thing you need to understand is that this is a download. Even though you get a username and password, you won't be able to access any other resources on the website. The download is for individual use only and cannot be shared or exchanged for online membership. Payment is non-refundable.

What's the difference between the library and the online membership?

The only difference between the library and the online membership is how you access the materials. With the library, you get all the resources at once in a file to save on your computer or flash drive. With the online membership, you login and choose the resources you want to use.