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Get the Entire Library for only $29.99

The Library is a great way to get offline access to all our teaching resources. You simply download the file and save it on your computer or flash drive for when you need it. The file contains a copy of all the teaching materials found on the site at the time of purchase. This offer does not give you online access to the resources. If you wish to get an online membership package, please click here.

What's inside?

  •  This awesome ESL bundle contains all the teaching resources we have ever created! That's over 1,000 engaging ESL teaching activities, worksheets, lessons, games and ideas to help you deliver fun and productive lessons to your students. 

  •  The library also contains all the exclusive teaching activities that are not available to our free users.

  •  You also receive a copy of our brand new ESL Essential Games eBook 2nd Edition absolutely FREE!

  •  You can also get five FREE updates anytime within the first year of purchase, as we add to the library on a daily basis. These free updates are available on request via email.

How will I receive it?

  •  This is a digital download. The categorized library and eBook come in a ZIP file which you download to your computer. 

  •  All the teaching activities in the ZIP file are in PDF format as well as Epub and Mobi formats for the ESL Essential Games eBook.

  •  You will be directed to a secure personalized download link immediately after payment. At the same time, you will also be sent an email containing the download link.

  •  To open the ZIP file, just 'right click' the file and choose 'extract here'.

 • Occasionally, email notifications are sent to the Junk or Spam folder. So, if you don't see an email immediately, please check there before contacting us.

Useful Guide: How to pay by Credit or Debit Card without a PayPal Account

What's the difference between the library and the online membership?

The only difference between the library and the online membership is how you access the materials. With the library, you get all the resources at once in a file to save on your computer or flash drive. With the online membership, you login and choose the resources you want to use.

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