Pre-intermediate (A2) English Grammar Teaching Resources eBook

Pre-intermediate Grammar Teaching Resources eBook Second Edition

Packed with over 100 Fun and Effective ESL Activities, Games, and Worksheets for Developing English Grammar Skills - Second Edition

By TeachThis Limited

Are you searching for fun and interesting approaches to English grammar instruction?

Are you looking for ways to make your grammar lessons more exciting and effective?

Whether you are just starting out in the world of English teaching, an experienced educator seeking fresh activities, or a busy teacher aiming to streamline your lesson preparation, this eBook is designed to ignite your students' enthusiasm for learning by helping you create engaging lessons that leave a lasting impact.

The Pre-intermediate English Grammar Teaching Resources eBook Second Edition features an extensive collection of over 100 fun and effective ESL classroom games, activities, and worksheets. These resources are designed to help your students learn and practice the core principles of English grammar at the pre-intermediate level.

The materials focus on essential grammar concepts pre-intermediate students need to comprehend and master at this stage. These include key grammar points like the basic perfect tenses, comparatives, superlatives, and imperatives as well as the reinforcement of past, present and future simple tenses and other commonly taught grammar subjects.

Within the pages of this eBook, you'll discover a wide range of productive speaking activities that offer both structured and open-ended practice along with fun group and pair-work games. Additionally, you'll find board games for interactive learning and a variety of useful worksheets that enhance students' understanding of the form and function of grammar.

With each resource, we provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions, teacher's notes, and answer keys. You can use these materials to construct comprehensive lessons, introduce or reinforce specific grammar concepts, or provide extra practice or review opportunities. These user-friendly resources seamlessly integrate into any lesson plan, making them a valuable addition to your teaching toolkit.

Rest assured, these resources have been designed by the highly skilled team of content creators at, a trusted hub for ESL materials. Our resources are downloaded daily by thousands of satisfied teachers worldwide.

This eBook comes in a convenient, printable A4 PDF format that features interactive menus, ensuring effortless navigation.

Pre-intermediate Grammar Resource Examples

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Author: TeachThis Limited
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Format: PDF
Publication Date: March, 2024

Edition: Second
Series: ESL Essentials
Print Length: 282 Pages
Language: English

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