Learning English Idioms

English idioms can be learned by looking at different topics in textbooks. Idioms that come with examples of usage, exercises, and explanations of the meaning work particularly well. Practicing idioms can be done through exercises in reading, writing, and speaking as well as listening exercises. A suggested sequence for learning English idioms is between 5 to 10 idioms per lesson:

1. Read clear precise meanings of idioms with usage examples in several realistic sentences in a good thematic dictionary of English idioms.

2. Learners should work on exercises from textbooks that contain practice with idioms. Idiom exercises can include question and answers about idioms in different situations, discussions, narrations, dialogues, thematic texts and real life issues and topics that require the learner to express their opinion.

3. Make up your own sentences for using idioms in real life situations.

4. Learners can further practice English idioms in the following ways:

a) When listening to audio and video recordings containing thematic texts with idioms and with subsequent speaking on the texts they heard.

b) When speaking English using idiomatic expressions on various topics.

c) When reading and retelling texts in English with idioms on a multitude of topics.

The English language is rich in idioms, and although it is possible to converse correctly in non-idiomatic English, a student with only a superficial knowledge of English idioms will find himself (or herself) at a serious disadvantage in his (her) reading, and even more so when he (she) takes part in discussions and debates. Ready-made sentences of English idioms taken from real life offer guidance on the most effective way to use them. English idiom dictionaries provide clear idiom usage explanations and several realistic idiom usage sentences. Many native English speakers, especially when they converse among themselves use idioms, informal colloquial expressions and slang.

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