Upper-intermediate (B2) English Grammar Teaching Resources eBook

Upper-intermediate Grammar Teaching Resources eBook

Over 100 Insightful and Comprehensive ESL Activities, Games and Worksheets for Mastering English Grammar

By TeachThis Limited

Are you looking for dynamic teaching materials to boost your upper-intermediate students' grammar acquisition?

Are you seeking comprehensive grammar resources that will maintain the focus and attention of your students?

If you are, then this eBook is for you. Whether you are a seasoned teacher looking for fresh ideas, a new teacher eager to find new innovative teaching materials, or a busy teacher in need of time-saving solutions, this eBook is packed with captivating grammar activities, games, and worksheets to ignite your students' enthusiasm for mastering English grammar usage.

The Upper-intermediate English Grammar Teaching Resources eBook provides over 100 insightful and comprehensive ESL activities, games, and worksheets designed to help your students become proficient in English grammar.

The resources in this eBook tackle core grammar concepts that upper-intermediate students need to grasp, like conditionals, advanced tenses, passive voice, and narrative tenses, as well as other frequently taught topics such as reported speech and used to.

This eBook provides a diverse mix of controlled, freer and communicative speaking activities, productive group and pair-work games as well as engaging board games and detailed worksheets to further solidify your students’ comprehension of grammar form and function.

Each resource comes with detailed and clear instructions, teacher’s notes, and answer keys. You can use these materials to develop complete lessons, introduce, practice or reinforce specific grammar concepts, or provide extra revision opportunities. These resources easily integrate into any lesson plan, making them a valuable asset in your teacher toolkit.

Developed by experienced ESL professionals at TeachThis.com, these resources are classroom-tested and trusted by ESL instructors worldwide. The eBook comes in a user-friendly and printable A4 PDF format, complete with interactive menus that ensure hassle-free navigation between resources.

Upper-intermediate Grammar Resource Examples

Why invest in this eBook?

  •  Gain instant access to over 100 level-appropriate and insightful grammar resources.

  •  Enhance your teaching with effective and well-structured grammar content.

  •  Save time and energy with ready-made materials that come with full teacher's notes.

  •  Enjoy value for money with reliable and trusted teaching resources.

  •  Ensure your upper-intermediate students master complex grammar concepts with ease.

  •  Increase your students' productivity and enthusiasm.

  •  Teach with proven and tested grammar resources.

Don't wait any longer! Get your copy now and transform the way you teach English grammar.

Author: TeachThis Limited
Price: $17.99 USD
Format: PDF
Publication Date: April, 2024

Edition: 1st
Series: ESL Essentials
Print Length: 298 Pages
Language: English

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