Pre-intermediate (A2) Parts of Speech Teaching Resources eBook

Pre-intermediate Parts of Speech Teaching Resources eBook

Packed with over 100 Engaging and Productive ESL Activities, Games, and Worksheets for Practicing Parts of Speech

By TeachThis Limited

Do you struggle to find captivating and effective ways to teach parts of speech to your pre-intermediate students?

Do you need high-quality materials that will help your students understand word meaning, word function, and word usage?

If you answered yes, then this eBook is for you. Whether you are new to English teaching, an experienced educator seeking fresh ideas, or a busy teacher aiming to simplify lesson preparation, this eBook will save you valuable time and energy by providing ready-made and impactful resources that you can use in your classroom.

The eBook features more than 100 engaging and productive ESL classroom activities, games, and worksheets designed to help your students master the essential aspects of various parts of speech.

This eBook covers the most critical parts of speech that pre-intermediate students need to enhance their comprehension and communication skills, such as adjectives, adverbs of frequency, conjunctions, modals of ability, prepositions of time, and subject-object pronouns, to name but a few.

Within the eBook, you'll find a diverse collection of controlled and freer practice speaking activities, as well as enjoyable pair and group-work games. Additionally, you'll have access to entertaining board games and comprehensive worksheets that facilitate your students in examining and practicing the forms and functions of different parts of speech.

Each resource in this eBook includes clear, user-friendly instructions, teacher's notes, and answer keys, ensuring that your classes run smoothly. You can use these materials to design a comprehensive lesson, introduce or reinforce specific language or grammar concepts, or provide additional opportunities for practice and review. These adaptable resources seamlessly integrate into any lesson plan, making them a valuable addition to your teaching toolkit.

This eBook is brought to you by, a leading resources website for ESL materials that has earned the trust of thousands of teachers worldwide. Our team of expert materials developers has carefully designed these resources to ensure quality and effectiveness. The eBook comes in a convenient, print-ready A4 PDF format with interactive menus, ensuring hassle-free navigation.

Pre-intermediate Parts of Speech Resource Examples

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  •  Help your pre-intermediate students master parts of speech with ease and confidence.

  •  Save valuable time and energy with ready-made materials complete with full teacher's notes.

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  •  Boost student participation and engagement with dynamic and interactive lessons.

  •  Enhance your teaching materials with comprehensive and well-structured parts of speech content.

  •  Streamline your lesson planning and preparation process with user-friendly resources.

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Author: TeachThis Limited
Price: $17.99 USD
Format: PDF
Publication Date: August, 2022

Edition: 1st
Series: ESL Essentials
Print Length: 295 Pages
Language: English

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