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Superlative Adjectives and Forms - ESL EFL Games, Activities and Worksheets

Superlative Olympics

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Elementary - 40 minutes

Here is an imaginative worksheet activity to help teach your students about superlatives. In the activity, students take part in competitions and write superlative sentences about the results. The class is divided into teams and each student is given a copy of the worksheet. The students are told that they are going to take part in a Superlative Olympics. There are ten competitions to enter in total and each student must take part in at least one event. The teams then work out who would be most suitable to take part in each competition. When the teams have chosen a student for each competition, the competitors come to the front of the class and take part in the first event, i.e. the best dancer. If the event is subjective, the class votes for the winner. The competitor who wins each event receives one point for their team. After the event, all team members race to write down a superlative sentence about the result, e.g. 'Emma is the best dancer'. The first team to have all team members do this correctly wins an extra point. This process continues until all the events have been completed. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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Superlative Board Game

ESL EFL Reading and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 30 minutes

This engaging board game can be used to practice or review superlative adjectives and sentence structure. Each group of three or four is given a copy of the game board, a dice and counters. Students take it in turns to roll the dice and move their counter along the board. When a student lands on a square, they use superlatives to talk about the topic on the square for 30 seconds without stopping. If a student can’t think of anything to say, forms a superlative adjective incorrectly, uses the wrong sentence structure, or stops talking before the 30 seconds are up, they must go back to their previous square. The first student to reach the finish wins the game.

Superlative Board Game.PDF  Free 


Superlative Family Fortunes

ESL EFL Speaking and Writing Activity - Pre-intermediate - 45 minutes

In this fun class activity, students play a 'Family Fortunes' style guessing game to practice superlatives. The aim of the game is to guess the top five answers in a superlative category. The class is divided into two teams. One student from each team comes to the front of the class. The teacher picks a card at random and reads out the heading as a question, e.g. 'What are the most visited countries in the world?' The student who gives the highest ranking answer wins the choice for their team to play or pass, depending on the difficulty of the category. The students in the playing team then take it in turns to guess the other top five answers on the card. The playing team gets three lifelines per round. This means if a student in the team gives an answer that is not in the top five, the team loses one lifeline. If the team guesses all the answers, they win 100 points. If the team gives three answers that are not in the top five, play passes to the other team. The other team then has one chance to name one of the other top five answers. If they manage to do this, they win all the points. Then, two new students come to the front of the class and so on. The game continues until all the cards have been used.  The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Afterwards, the headings from the cards are written on the board. In pairs, the students try to remember what the number one answer for each card was by writing a superlative sentence for each heading, e.g. 'France is the most visited country in the world'. Finally, the sentences and correct answers are reviewed with the class.

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Superlative Media

ESL EFL Writing and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 35 minutes

In this insightful worksheet activity, students complete sentences about different forms of media with superlative adjectives and their opinions. The students then discuss their opinions in groups. Each student is given a copy of the worksheet. The students begin by completing sentences about TV, film, the Internet and music. The students do this by changing adjectives in brackets to their superlative forms and completing sentences with their opinions, e.g. 'The most famous band is Maroon 5'. Students then take it in turns to tell the group their opinions, e.g. 'I think the most famous band is Maroon 5'. The other students listen and agree or disagree based on what they have written. Afterwards, there is a class feedback session to review the superlative adjective forms and find out about the most popular opinions from the class.

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Superlative Strips

ESL EFL Reading and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate - 40 minutes

This group speaking activity is ideal for practicing superlative adjectives and asking and answering questions with superlative forms. The class is divided into groups of four. Each group is given a set of superlative question strips, which they shuffle and place face down in a pile on the desk. Students take it in turns to pick up a strip and change the adjective in the question into its superlative form. The student then writes the superlative form of the adjective in the space provided and asks the question to the group. Each student in the group then answers the question in turn by making a superlative sentence. Then, the next student picks up a strip and so on. This continues until all the strips have been used. Afterwards, there is a class feedback session to review the superlative adjectives and find out the most interesting answers from each group.

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