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General English Activities, Worksheets and Games

In this section of, you will find all our teaching activities, worksheets and games relating to general English. These activities deal with a rich variety of subjects and topics from telling the time to clothes and fashion. You will find a wealth of activities that cover vocabulary and grammar as well as reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

These general English teaching activities range from beginner to upper-intermediate level and help to give students a practical understanding of the English Language. Each teaching activity comes in PDF format with detailed teacher's notes. You will find everything you need to deliver fun and informative English lessons that boost your students’ knowledge of English and help them communicate effectively in everyday situations.

The general English topics are listed below:


In this section, you will find an extensive selection of teaching activities about Christmas. There are worksheets, games and activities to teach students well-known Christmas vocabulary. Students can also practice talking about Christmas traditions and other aspects of Christmas. There are also fun Christmas activities such as letter writing, games, plays and video worksheets. You will also find activities that combine the topic of Christmas with various grammar points such as adverbs of frequency and the present continuous tense.

Clothes and Fashion

This page provides teachers with a variety of English teaching activities based on clothes and fashion. Students can learn vocabulary about clothes, accessories, and footwear as well as adjectives and phrasal verbs associated with clothing and fashion. Students can also learn how to ask and answer questions about clothes, style and shopping, and how to talk about their attitudes towards clothes.

Countries and Nationalities

These productive ESL activities help to teach students about capital cities, nationalities, and the names of countries. Students can also learn about other aspects of countries such as traditional names, national languages, greetings, climate, food, natural resources, music, laws, etc. The page also contains a variety of engaging activities where students can assume the identities of people from different countries and learn about their culture.

Family and Relationships

The teaching activities on this page focus on family and relationships. You will find a wealth of activities and games to teach your students family-related vocabulary. Students can also practice talking about family members using possessive forms. They can also learn about nouns, adjectives, phrasal verbs, and idioms related to family.

Food and Drink

In this section, you will find useful teaching activities about food and drink. Students can learn a variety of food and drink vocabulary and expressions to talk about food. There are activities to teach students about cooking verbs, containers, amounts, fruits, vegetables, and food adjectives. There are also worksheets and games to help teach students how to talk about their eating habits and diet, describe different foods and tastes, and talk about restaurants, cafes and cooking.

Free Time, Hobbies and Sports

These rewarding ESL activities focus on free time activities, hobbies and sports. Students can learn to talk about free time activities and sports using the verbs: play, go, do and take. They can also practice asking and answering questions about free time activities, sports and hobbies using the present simple, adverbs of frequency, and other language structures.

Have got / Has got

These grammar activities help students to master have, have got, haven’t got, has, has got, and hasn’t got. There are activities to practice asking and answering questions using the structures and describing physical appearance.

Jobs, Work Activities and Careers

On this page, you will find fun teaching activities based on jobs and work activities. There are activities to help teach job vocabulary and verbs related to work. Students can also learn how to describe jobs and express likes and dislikes for different work activities. Students can also practice talking about work skills and preferences as well as stating opinions about jobs, agreeing and disagreeing.

Likes and Dislikes

This page provides you with a variety of ESL activities, games and worksheets based on likes and dislikes. These fun activities help students to practice expressing preferences using various expressions and phrases. Students can learn how to express their likes and dislikes on various topics, and ask questions about preferences and reply using degrees of feeling. They can also learn how to use common expressions of irritation.


This page provides fun teaching activities to help students learn how to say numbers in English. There are activities and games to help students learn basic numbers as well as more advanced materials for students to learn large numbers and sums. There are also resources to practice the pronunciation of numbers ending with 'teen' and 'ty'.

Time Expressions and Telling the Time

In this section, you will find teaching activities to help students practice telling the time as well as practice time phrases and prepositions. Students can also learn how to describe a particular time's importance, give information about timetables, use ordinal numbers, ask questions that contain various time expressions, ask and answer questions about birthdays, and talk about personal and public celebrations. There are also various creative activities such as how to make a calendar and a murder mystery based on time.

TV and Movies

These teaching activities help to teach your students how to talk about TV and films. Students can learn about different types of TV programme and film genre. There are also worksheets and activities to help students learn how to ask and answer questions about TV programmes and films. Students can also practice recommending and reviewing movies, detailing the genre, plot and their opinion of the movie. They can also practice pitching an idea for a film where they create a plot, outline, characters, places and events.


This page offers enjoyable teaching activities about weather. There are activities to boost students’ knowledge of weather vocabulary. There are also activities to help students practice describing the weather. Students can also learn how to ask and answer questions about the weather and use weather vocabulary and adjectives to give a weather report.


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