Presentation Skills EAP Worksheets and Activities

4-3-2 Presentation Fluency

EAP Presentation Fluency Practice - Speaking Activity: Giving a Short Presentation, Freer Practice, Fluency Practice - Pair Work - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

In this free presentation fluency practice activity, students give short presentations using the 4-3-2 method in order to help improve fluency. First, students read a brief introduction to the 4-3-2 method and select a presentation topic. Next, students have two minutes to prepare an outline for a two to three-minute presentation. The outline should include the main idea and a list of supporting ideas with additional examples and explanations. Students then give the same short presentation three times, presenting to a different partner each time. For the first presentation, students have 4 minutes to talk, for the second, they have 3 minutes, and for the third, 2 minutes. The idea behind this activity is that it gives students multiple practices so that after each presentation, they should be speaking with increased fluency, making corrections and avoiding mistakes in each subsequent practice. The activity also ensures that every student gets valuable speaking time during the lesson.
4-3-2 Presentation Fluency Preview

Presentation Language

EAP Presentation Language Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Unscrambling, Writing Phrases - Speaking Activity - Preparing and Delivering a Presentation - Pair Work - Intermediate (B1) - 40 minutes

In this useful presentation language worksheet, students learn functional phrases for giving presentations and deliver a short presentation to practice using the phrases. To start, students rearrange words to reveal functional presentation phrases. In pairs, students then add an additional phrase for each function. Next, students choose a topic and plan a two to three-minute presentation to present to their partner using the phrases to link all the parts of their presentation together. Students then prepare an outline for their talk following a set of instructions. Afterwards, students give their presentation to their partner who listens and completes a checklist regarding the student's presentation language and structure. Finally, students provide feedback to their partner on their presentation.
Presentation Language Preview

Present with Style

EAP Academic Presentation Skills Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Matching, Categorising, Ranking, Identifying, Rewriting Sentences - Intermediate (B1) - 45 minutes

In this engaging presentation skills worksheet, students are introduced to academic style requirements for giving an academic presentation. To begin, students match informal words and phrases to their formal equivalents. Next, students read a text and replace cliched phrases with more appropriate words and phrases. After that, students read through a list of academic style rules and indicate whether they apply to academic writing, academic presentations, or both. Following this, students rank four sentences in terms of their level of formality. Students then continue by reading the answers and accompanying explanations of the rankings. In the final exercise, students review a short introduction to a presentation, rewrite it so that it follows the academic style conventions covered in the worksheet and then take turns reading it to a partner to compare the changes.
Present with Style Preview

Impromptu Speech Practice

EAP Presentation Skills Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Identifying, Matching, Brainstorming, Creating an Outline - Speaking Activity: Presenting - Group Work - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 45 minutes

In this productive impromptu speech worksheet, students review, plan, prepare and deliver impromptu speeches. To begin, students read a transcript of an impromptu speech. Students then match numbered sentences from the transcript to key functions used in an impromptu speech. Next, students match phrases that signal the functions. After that, students are given an assigned topic for a two to three-minute impromptu speech. Students brainstorm ideas for their speech and then use their notes to complete an impromptu speech outline. Finally, students deliver their speeches in small groups.
Impromptu Speech Practice Preview

Presentation Preparation and Practice

EAP Academic Presentation Skills Worksheet - Reading and Writing: Ordering, Matching, Identifying, Gap-fill - Speaking: Delivering a Presentation - Group Work - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 60 minutes

In this comprehensive presentation practice worksheet and activity, students review presentation structure and language and then prepare and deliver a presentation. To start, students put parts of an academic presentation in the correct order. Next, students match linking words and phrases used in presentations to their functions. Students then review examples of supporting evidence and choose those that are not considered academically appropriate. After that, students read sentences containing overgeneralizations and choose a suitable hedging word or phrase to make them correct. Next, in groups, students choose a presentation topic and brainstorm supporting ideas. Students then prepare a short presentation for their topic. Finally, students form new groups and take it in turns to deliver their presentations. The other students listen carefully and use a checklist to provide feedback after each presentation.
Presentation Preparation and Practice Preview

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