Past Tense Review ESL Activities

Let's Review Past Tenses

ESL Past Tense Review Worksheet - Reading, Writing and Matching Exercises - Intermediate (B1)- 30 minutes

In this past tense review worksheet, students revise the past simple, past continuous, past perfect, and past perfect continuous tense. First, students match words in bold in sentences with the correct past tense. Next, the students write the name of the past tense that completes each description. The students then circle the past tense verb forms that best complete each sentence. After that, the students complete sentences with verbs in brackets in the correct past tense. Students then complete sentences using verbs from a box in their correct past tense form. Lastly, the students match sentence halves together and use a verb from a box in its past tense form to complete each sentence.
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Past Tense Pairs

ESL Past Tense Review Activity - Reading, Listening, Matching and Writing - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 35 minutes

In this past tense review activity, students work with a partner to complete sentences containing various past tense verb forms. In pairs, one student begins by reading sentence halves 1-5 to their partner. Their partner listens, chooses the best sentence half to complete the sentence from their worksheet, and reads it back. If both students agree the sentence is correct, they write it on their worksheets. The students then swap roles and do the same for sentences 6-10. Next, the pairs categorize the sentences from the first exercise into functional groups, according to the past tense verbs used. After that, one student reads gap-fill sentences to their partner, who chooses the pair of verbs from their worksheet that best completes each sentence and says the verbs back using the correct past tense verb forms. The student then completes the sentence with the verbs. Finally, the students change roles and repeat the process for the last exercise.
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