Indefinite Pronouns ESL Activities, Games and Worksheets

Find Someone Who...

ESL Indefinite Pronouns Activity - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 30 minutes

Here is a free indefinite pronouns speaking activity for pre-intermediate students. Working alone, students complete the items on the worksheet with the indefinite pronouns from the box. Next, students prepare the yes/no questions they need to ask for the activity, e.g. 'Did you lose something recently?' The students then go around the class asking the questions to one another. Students need to find someone who answers yes or no, depending on whether the item is positive or negative. When a student finds someone who answers appropriately to a question, they write down that person's name in the corresponding column next to the item. The student then asks a follow-up question and notes down the answer in the last column. When everyone has finished, the students give feedback to the rest of the class on what they found out.
Find Someone Who Preview

Say Something!

ESL Indefinite Pronouns Game - Listening, Matching and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 25 minutes

In this fun indefinite pronouns game, students race to complete sentences with indefinite pronouns. In groups of three, students take it in turns to pick up a card and read the sentence aloud to the other two students using the word 'blank' for the missing indefinite pronoun, e.g. 'I lost my mobile phone. I've looked for it BLANK'. The other two students listen and then race to grab the correct indefinite pronoun card to complete the sentence. The first student to grab the correct indefinite pronoun card from their set and give it to the reader, saying the pronoun at the same time (e.g. everywhere) wins and keeps the sentence card. The indefinite pronoun card is then placed back on the table face up. The student with the most sentences at the end of the game wins.
Say Something! Preview

Indefinite Pronoun Race

ESL Indefinite Pronouns Running Dictation - Reading, Listening and Writing Activity - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

In this indefinite pronouns running dictation activity, students race to dictate two stories and then use them to complete a reworded version of each story with indefinite pronouns. The student with the 'Story A' worksheet is the writer and their partner is the reader. The reader runs to Story A, reads the first part of the story, tries to remember as much as they can, runs back and dictates the text to their partner who writes it down. This continues until the story is complete. The students then swap roles for Story B and the process is repeated. When they have finished, the students use the text their partner just dictated to them to complete a reworded version of the story with indefinite pronouns from a box. When a pair has completed both stories, check their answers. The first pair to complete both stories correctly wins.
Indefinite Pronoun Race Preview

Is it true for you?

ESL Indefinite Pronouns Activity - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

In this communicative indefinite pronouns activity, students complete statements with indefinite pronouns and then discuss the statements with a partner, saying whether they are true for them or not, and why. Working alone, the students complete statements on the worksheet with indefinite pronouns from a box. Next, in pairs or small groups, students discuss each statement in turn and say whether the sentence is true for them or not, and why. Afterwards, the students report back to the class on the statements that were true for them.
Is it true for you? Preview

Interactive Version - In this indefinite pronouns breakout room activity, students use a variety of indefinite pronouns to complete statements. The students then discuss the statements with a partner and say if they are true for them or not.


Let's Learn Indefinite Pronouns

ESL Indefinite Pronoun Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises - Intermediate (B1) - 25 minutes

This indefinite pronouns worksheet helps students learn and practice a variety of indefinite pronouns. Students start by finding and circling indefinite pronouns in sentences. The students then sort the pronouns under people, places or things. Next, students complete sentences with the correct indefinite pronoun in brackets. After that, students complete sentences with suitable indefinite pronouns. Students then move on to unscramble words to make sentences containing indefinite pronouns. In the last exercise, students write sentences using two indefinite pronouns from each category.
Let's Learn Indefinite Pronouns Preview

Interactive Version - This indefinite pronouns interactive worksheet can be used to help students learn or practice indefinite pronouns.


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