Adverb Order ESL Activities, Games and Worksheets

Adverb Order Practice

ESL Adverb Order Worksheet - Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises: Matching, Binary Choice, Unscrambling, Gap-fill, Rewriting Sentences - Intermediate (B1) - 25 minutes

This productive adverb order worksheet helps students learn and practice the placement of five different types of adverbs in sentences. To begin, students read sentences that contain different types of adverbs. Students then write each adverb next to its type. Next, students underline the correct words to describe the placement of the adverbs in sentences. Students then move on to put words in the correct order to create sentences containing adverbs. After that, students complete sentences with adverbs from a box. In the last exercise, students rewrite each sentence, adding in an adverb from the choices shown in a suitable position.
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Is the order right?

ESL Adverb Order Game - Vocabulary and Grammar: Error Correction, Betting - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

In this useful adverb order error correction activity, students find and correct mistakes in the placement of adverbs in sentences. First, students read sentences on the worksheet, some of which contain errors in adverb order. If a student thinks the adverb order in a sentence is correct, they put a tick in the 'right' column on the worksheet. If a student thinks the placement is incorrect, they correct the mistake and put a cross in the 'wrong' column. Students then bet on their answers, depending on how confident they are about each decision. Students bet between 10 and 100 points for each sentence and write their bet in the 'bet' column. Afterwards, go through the sentences as a class and elicit the correct answers from the students. If a student guessed correctly, they transfer the amount written in the 'bet' column to the 'win' column. If they guessed incorrectly, they transfer the amount to the 'lose' column. The student with the most points at the end is the winner.
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Adverb Order Race

ESL Adverb Order Activity - Vocabulary and Speaking: Running Dictation, Identifying, Labelling, Ordering - Pair Work - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 30 minutes

Here is a free adverb order running dictation activity to help students practice types of adverbs and their order in sentences. In pairs, students take it in turns to run to their sentences A or B, read the first sentence, remember it, run back and say it to their partner. The two students then decide which version of the sentence is correct. Both students then circle the correct sentence (A or B) on the worksheet and write it in the space provided. The first pair of students to complete the ten sentences correctly wins. Next, students find the two adverbs in each sentence and write them in a table, labeling them as adverbs of time, place, purpose, manner or frequency. Finally, students write the five adverb types in the order they typically appear in sentences.
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Plans for the Summer

ESL Adverb Order Activity - Vocabulary, Grammar and Speaking: Unscrambling, Ordering a Dialogue - Pair work - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 20 minutes

Here is an engaging adverb order activity for upper-intermediate students. Working alone, students put words in each line of a dialogue in the correct order to create sentences, paying attention to where they put the various adverbs. Next, students take turns reading out their lines of the conversation, putting them in order from 1 to 20. When the students have finished, they role-play the dialogue with their partner.
Plans for the Summer Preview

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