Conjunctions ESL Games, Activities and Worksheets

Conjunctions Race

ESL Conjunctions Game - Reading, Listening, Matching and Speaking Activity - Elementary (A1-A2) - 25 minutes

In this free conjunctions activity, students play a card game where they race to complete sentences with the conjunctions: and, but, so, because. In groups of three, students take it in turns to pick up a sentence card and read it to the other two students using the word 'blank' where the conjunction should go. The two students listen to the sentence and then race to grab the correct conjunction card to complete the sentence. The first student to grab the correct card and say the conjunction wins and keeps the two cards. If neither student gives the right answer, the sentence card is placed at the bottom of the pile and any conjunction cards are put back in place. The next student then picks up a sentence card and so on. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins.
Conjunctions Race Preview


ESL Coordinating Conjunctions Game - Reading and Matching Activity - Elementary (A1-A2) - 25 minutes

In this fun conjunctions game, students match sentence halves together that contain coordinating conjunctions. First, in pairs, students match the sentences halves together and then check their answers by reading out their sentences. Pairs score one point for each correct sentence. The pair with the most points wins the game. Afterwards, the pairs play a pelmanism game with the cards. The students take turns turning over one card from each set. If the two halves match to make a sentence that uses a coordinating conjunction, the student keeps the two cards and has another turn. The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins.
FANBOYS Match Up Preview


ESL Because Worksheet - Reading, Ordering, Matching and Writing Exercises - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 30 minutes

This because worksheet helps students to learn and practice how to use 'because' to join independent clauses. Students begin by putting sentences in order to create a story. The students then draw lines joining sentences with the conjunction 'because' in the middle to explain why the things in the story happened. After that, students put more sentences in order to create the second part of the story. Next, students draw lines joining sentences with 'because' at the start of the sentence, explaining why the things in the second part of the story happened. Students then move on to identify mistakes in sentences using 'because'. After that, students use their own ideas to complete sentences with 'because'. Finally, students create two sentences of their own with 'because' in the middle and two sentences with 'because' at the start of the sentence. Afterwards, review the students' sentences together as a class.
Because Worksheet Preview

Interactive Version - In this conjunctions interactive worksheet, students do exercises to learn how to use 'because' to join two independent clauses together.


Complete the Sentence

ESL Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions Activity - Reading and Writing - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 30 minutes

In this engaging conjunctions activity, students race to complete sentences that use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. One student from each pair comes to your desk and picks up sentence card 1. The student then goes back to their partner with the card. The two students then race to complete the sentence in a meaningful way that demonstrates the use of the coordinating or subordinating conjunction in the sentence, adding in any necessary punctuation. When the students have completed the sentence, they come back to your desk and show you the sentence. If it is correct, the students pick up sentence card 2. If not, the students take the card back and try again. The first pair of students to complete all 20 sentences correctly wins.
Complete the Sentence Preview

Conjunctions and Sentence Connectors

ESL Conjunctions Worksheet - Reading, Matching and Writing Exercises - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 30 minutes

This conjunctions and sentence connectors worksheet familiarizes students with and provides practice for some common types of conjunctions and sentence connectors. Students start by reading two paragraphs about learning English and deciding which one is easier to read. Next, students underline the words and phrases in the paragraph that help make it easier to read. Students then categorize the underlined words and phrases, according to whether they link ideas within a sentence or link ideas between sentences. After that, students complete a table by placing conjunctions and sentence connectors into their corresponding columns, according to their function. Students then use the conjunctions and sentence connectors to complete a text. In the last exercise, students link two pairs of sentences using either a conjunction or a sentence connector.
Conjunctions and Sentence Connectors Preview

Interactive Version - In this conjunctions and sentence connectors interactive worksheet, students work through a variety of exercises to practice common sentence connectors and conjunctions.


Coordinating Conjunctions Board Game

ESL Conjunctions Board Game - Reading, Listening and Speaking Activity - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 25 minutes

In this free conjunctions board game, students complete sentences that use the coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, nor, or, so, yet. Players take it in turns to roll the dice and move their counter along the board. When a player lands on a square, the player completes the sentence in a way that demonstrates the use of the coordinating conjunction in the sentence. The player then says the sentence to the group for confirmation. If the other students agree that the sentence is correct, the player stays on the square. If not, the player goes back to their previous square (or you can have the player miss a turn). The first player to reach the finish square wins the game.
Coordinating Conjunctions Board Game Preview

Short Stories

ESL Conjunctions Activity - Writing, Listening and Speaking - Intermediate (B1) - 45 minutes

In this conjunctions activity, students invent and tell a story using coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. First, groups make three story titles using words on cards, e.g. 'The Dark Winter', etc. The groups read their titles to the class and explain the type of story each one is, e.g. a fantasy story. Next, the groups choose one of their titles and develop it into a story by creating sentences with coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. The groups begin by writing the title and first line of their story on a piece of paper. For example, if the title was 'The Dark Winter', students might write: Mary ran out of the house into the snow. Next, students take it in turns to pick up a conjunction card and use it in the next sentence of the story, e.g. 'This was Mary's last chance to collect firewood before winter set in'. As a student says the next sentence, another student in the group writes it down on the paper. This continues until all the cards have been used. When the groups have finished, they review their story and check for any errors. The groups then take it in turns to tell their story to the class who votes for the best story.
Short Stories Preview

Subordinating Conjunctions Bingo

ESL Subordinating Conjunctions Game - Writing, Listening and Matching Activity - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

In this rewarding subordinating conjunctions activity, students play games of bingo by completing sentences on a bingo card with subordinating conjunctions. Each bingo card consists of five sentences with each sentence missing a different subordinating conjunction. The teacher calls out subordinating conjunctions from the caller's sheet. If a student thinks a conjunction goes in one of their sentences, they write it in the corresponding gap in the sentence. When a student has completed all five sentences with a different conjunction, they shout 'Bingo'. When a student shouts 'Bingo', they read out all five sentences. If the sentences are correct, the student wins the round. Play several rounds with students receiving a different bingo card each time.
Subordinating Conjunctions Bingo Preview

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