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Artificial Intelligence

EAP Persuasive Essays Worksheet - Reading and Writing: Matching, Essay Outline, Gap-fill, Essay Writing, Peer Review - Speaking Activity: Discussion - Group Work - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 90 minutes

In this useful persuasive essays worksheet, students read and discuss a text on the topic of artificial intelligence and then plan and write a persuasive essay on the topic. Students start by reading a text on the topic of artificial intelligence. Students then match words from the text to their definitions. Next, in small groups, students discuss the pros and cons of AI and list them in a table. Working alone, students then choose a for or against stance on the issue of AI and prepare a persuasive essay outline that argues their stance. Following that, students complete advice about essay writing with the words provided. Next, students use their outline to write a persuasive essay on the topic of AI. Finally, students swap papers with a partner and use a checklist to review and provide feedback on their partner's essay.
Artificial Intelligence Preview

Counter-Argument and Refutation

EAP Persuasive Essays Worksheet - Writing Exercises: Identifying, Paraphrasing, Writing Sentences, Paragraph Writing - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 75 minutes

In this free counter-argument and refutation worksheet, students learn how to write a counter-argument and refutation paragraph to include in a persuasive essay. First, students read a paragraph that includes a counter-argument and a refutation and identify and paraphrase both the writer's view and the opposing view. Next, students read four counter-arguments and refutations and identify the ways the counter-arguments are refuted. Students then read a complete counter-argument paragraph and identify its five key parts. After that, students write a counter-argument and refutation for two arguments that both include a concession. Finally, students write two paragraphs addressing a question to practice writing a counter-argument, refutation and concession.
Counter-Argument and Refutation Preview

Introduction to Persuasive Essays

EAP Persuasive Essays Worksheet - Reading and Writing Exercises: Matching, Writing Sentences, Identifying, Paraphrasing, Writing an Outline and Essay, Peer Review - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 90 minutes

In this comprehensive persuasive essays worksheet, students are introduced to persuasive essay structure and attempt a persuasive essay writing practice. Students begin by reading a brief description of persuasive essays. Students then complete an example outline for a persuasive essay by placing four supporting points in their correct positions. Next, students write refutations to two counter arguments. After that, students review their knowledge of paraphrasing in pairs, sharing their understanding of the term and some useful paraphrasing techniques. Students then read an example persuasive essay about the four-day working week and answer questions in which they paraphrase information from the text. Students then move on to read a persuasive essay question and create a basic outline to assist them in writing a well-structured essay. After finishing the outline, students write a complete essay. Afterwards, students swap papers with another student, read their essay and use a provided checklist to give constructive feedback.
Introduction to Persuasive Essays Preview

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