Time Expressions ESL Activities, Worksheets and Games

Time Expressions Survey

ESL Time Expressions Activity - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 20 minutes

In this free time expressions activity, students conduct a class survey where they ask and answer questions that use past, present and future time expressions. Give each student a card. Students begin by preparing the yes/no question they need to ask to find out the information on their card, e.g. 'Did you check your email this morning?' Students then go around the class asking and answering the questions. The students keep a record of who answers 'yes' or 'no' on the back of the card. When the students have spoken to everyone in the class, they tally up the yes answers and write the number on the card. Each student then reports back their findings to the class.
Time Expressions Survey Preview

Time Expressions and Idioms

ESL Time Expressions and Idioms Worksheet - Reading, Matching and Writing Activity - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

This time expressions and time idioms worksheet helps to teach intermediate students some common expressions and idioms that use the word 'time'. Give each student a copy of the two-page worksheet. The students begin by matching sentence halves together that use expressions and idioms with the word 'time'. Next, the students match the time expressions and idioms to their definitions. The students then move on to complete gap-fill sentences with the time expressions and time idioms from the previous exercises. After that, students complete sentences with true information about themselves. Finally, in pairs, the students take it in turns to read their sentences to their partner and discuss them.
Time Expressions and Idioms Worksheet Preview

Interactive Version - Here is a time expressions and time idioms interactive worksheet to help students learn and practice expressions and idioms with the word 'time'.


Time Idioms

ESL Time Idioms Activity - Reading, Writing and Speaking - Intermediate (B1) - 45 minutes

In this time idioms activity, students complete and match sentences that contain idioms using the word 'time'. Give each pair of students a copy of the uncut worksheet. The pairs then complete sentences that contain time idioms by writing in a blank card next to the sentence. Students are not limited to just completing the sentence. They might write two sentences if it helps to express the meaning of the idiom. When everyone has finished, the students cut the worksheet into cards. The students then shuffle their cards and swap them with another pair. The pairs of students then look at their new cards and match them together to make meaningful sentences about the idioms. When the students have finished, the pairs who wrote the sentences check that the cards have been matched correctly. Afterwards, there is a class feedback session. The pairs read each sentence in turn and the students are given the meaning of the time idiom. The class then decides on the best sentence that expresses each idiom.
Time Idioms Preview

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