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ESL Making Arrangements Activity - Speaking: Unscrambling a Dialogue, Information Gap, Communicative Practice - Pair Work - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 25 minutes

In this productive making arrangements speaking activity, students use an example dialogue and schedule to arrange days and times to do various activities with a partner. First, students put a dialogue about making arrangements in the correct order. Next, students use the language from the dialogue to practice making arrangements. Students look at their schedule for next week and see the days and times they are available and take it in turns to make arrangements with a partner to do the four activities shown on their worksheet, arranging a day and time when they are both free for each activity. When the pairs have finished, they give feedback to the class on their arrangements.
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Scheduling and Rescheduling

ESL Scheduling and Rescheduling Activity - Speaking: Asking and Answering Questions from Prompts, Communicative Practice - Pair and Group Work - Pre-intermediate (A2) - 25 minutes

In this communicative making arrangements speaking activity, students practice making arrangements and rescheduling. Students begin by making arrangements to do different activities with six classmates. Students move around the classroom, talking to different classmates one at a time using the example dialogue on the worksheet to guide them. When the students have agreed on a time slot for the arrangement, both students write the activity and their partner's name in the schedule. Students then move on to speak to a new partner. Each student must choose a different activity to do with each partner and can only schedule one appointment in each time slot. Next, in groups of four, students make arrangements to do a different activity with each group member as before, rescheduling appointments when needed and writing each arrangement in the schedule. Finally, students arrange one activity to do together as a group and a time to meet, rescheduling earlier arrangements as necessary. At the end of the activity, each student will have a total of ten different scheduled activities.
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Changing Reservations

ESL Changing Reservations Role-Play - Speaking Activity: Controlled and Communicative Practice - Pair Work - Intermediate (B1) - 30 minutes

In this useful changing reservations role-play, students practice asking for changes to hotel, restaurant and transportation reservations over the phone. First, in pairs, students practice an example changing reservations dialogue between a staff member and a customer from the board. Students then use a role card and substitute the new information on the card into the underlined parts of the conversation two times, taking turns being the staff member and customer. Each time a pair finishes a role-play, give them a new role card and erase a part of the example conversation from the board until there is nothing left. Students then complete the other role-plays independently.
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It's a Date!

ESL Making Arrangements Worksheet - Grammar and Writing Exercises: Ordering, Gap-fill, Unscrambling, Matching, True or False, Writing a Dialogue, Freer Practice - Pair Work - Intermediate (B1) - 45 minutes

Here is a comprehensive making arrangements worksheet to help students practice language and phrases for making arrangements. To begin, in pairs, students put sentence strips in the correct order to create two conversations about making arrangements. Working alone, students then complete sentences with the names of the people from the conversations. Next, students unscramble words to make sentences and then insert the sentences into a making arrangements dialogue. Students then decide if statements about the dialogue are true or false. Lastly, students work with their partner and create a making arrangements dialogue using the language from the worksheet.
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Let's Meet!

ESL Making Arrangements Activity - Vocabulary, Writing and Speaking: Ordering, Matching, Gap-fill, Writing and Presenting a Dialogue - Pair Work - Intermediate (B1) - 35 minutes

In this free making and rescheduling appointments activity, students order, complete and practice dialogues for arranging and rescheduling appointments. To begin, students work with a partner and put a making arrangements conversation in the correct order by reading each sentence to each other. Next, working with their partner, students use language from a box to complete a second conversation about rescheduling the appointment. After that, the pairs write and present a two-part dialogue where they make and then reschedule an arrangement for a weekend activity.
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Let's Hang Out

ESL Making Arrangements Activity - Vocabulary, Reading and Writing: Running Dictation, Identifying, Categorizing, Gap-fill, Writing and Presenting a Dialogue - Pair Work - Upper-intermediate (B2) - 45 minutes

In this engaging making arrangements activity, students practice phrasal verbs related to making and discussing arrangements. First, in pairs, students take part in a running dictation where they dictate a making arrangements dialogue. Pairs then read the dialogue and underline eight phrasal verbs used in the text. Students then categorize the phrasal verbs as either separable or inseparable. After that, students use the phrasal verbs to complete a making arrangements conversation. Finally, pairs read a situation and write their own making arrangements conversation using the phrasal verbs.
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